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European company launched with mobile topup

European based company launched direct selling plan.Since 2014 company in telecom sector and traditional mobile top up industry.Now enter into direct selling with innovative business plan..


New Dhamaka Plan

*⚓ 3 Years Old Company Launch New Dhamaka Plan ✈*

*✅ Joining 1,599/-Rs Only*

*_🛍 Products:-_*

*✔ Radisafe Mobile Radiation Chip 2pc+ Scalar Pendent*

PNPL INDIA Daily income plan launched

PNPL(Prakash Networks) INDIA Just launched daily income plan with 160 products all sectors..

Joining free with life time activate ID

Five types of income

Cumulative pl....

Just Launched 9 KART

Just launched company introducing several products ...Gas safety device,Smart watch,Alkaline jug..

. Earn pair income 1:1 800/- ,Daily 2 closings,Power leg carry forward

Gas safe....

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All Classifieds